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Gamesman is a global manufacturing business who has catered to the needs and requirements of the international gaming industry for over two decades. Based in the UK in close proximity to London’s Gatwick airport, Gamesman’s headquarters comprise both manufacturing and production facilities as well as an extensive R&D department, sales, purchasing and finance.

In 2013 Gamesman were acquired by Esterline, a US based Corporation. The acquisition has further strengthened Gamesman’s resources and ability to provide the exemplary product offerings and customer service that Gamesman has become renowned for.
With the ability to produce plastic parts in-house using ten injection mould machines on-site, Gamesman has been able to remain reactive to the demands of the UK gaming industry whilst enjoying excellent customer relationships based on an intimate understanding of their customer’s requirements.




The UK business is supported by a 100 plus strong team in China where the majority of Gamesman products are manufactured in a wholly owned factory based in Shenzhen. With on-site PCB manufacture and excellent production facilities Gamesman is able to keep up with their customer demands worldwide, as well as maintain their excellent reputation for quality.

It is this skill set that has seen Gamesman build an enviable reputation for designing and producing some of the most exciting products that the gaming industry has seen in recent years, as well as delivering exceptional levels of customer support and service that are renowned industry wide.

Gamesman also boast warehousing and offices in the United States to cater exclusively to the specific needs of their ever increasing American customer base. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, this facility clearly indicates Gamesman’s continued commitment and investment to growing their business globally.

Today, Gamesman’s range of products extends beyond its traditional roots of push buttons and reel mechanisms, and into a wide range of gaming related items including Toppers, LCD buttons and LED solutions to name but a few, as well as many bespoke projects for customers. It is these very specific items where Gamesman shines in terms of understanding their customers' needs and desires and realising them in high tech plastics and electronics.





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